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Solid legal counselling: Hassle free, fast and affordable!

Whenever you are facing a legal issue under German law and have doubts about where your legal stand really is, a legal counseling will be beneficial to you. Concrete advice from a certified attorney at law will let you know what your rights really are.

If you have legal questions you should not wait - such issues do not just go away. They will only get more and more complicated and harder to solve the longer you wait. This is mostly due to fact that the parties involved make mistakes and move themselves into less favourable positions. Avoid such mistakes right from the start and seek professional advice as soon as possible.

It is especially important to seek legal advice right away if you are an expatriate in Germany and as such, will be unfamiliar with the law. What might be an acceptable employment contract in your home-country might not uphold a legal challenge in Germany!

The experienced lawyers from AnwaltOnline are happy to assist you with almost any legal issues that you might encounter under German law. And they speak your language - which is ever so important when you are handling complicated legal issues.

Simply tell us about your problems or issues and you will receive a personal quote shortly - of course the quote will be entirely free of charge and without obligations! If you choose not to mandate us, there are no costs to you at all!

We accept: Wire-transfer, direct-debit, credit-card (Visa/Master) or PayPal

Do you have legal expenses insurance? Then we will handle everything for you and get in touch with your insurance for absorption of costs according to RVG!

What do we offer?
  • Free and no obligation quote
  • Counselling by one of the experienced lawyers from AnwaltOnline
  • Thorough and individual statement
  • Solid suggestions on how to proceed further
  • Written statement - ideal to present to the opposing party
  • Follow-up inquiries are not charged extra - as long as the circumstances of the case are not changed or amended from the original enquiry
  • Direct contact person
  • Average handling time: 6 hours after receival of fees

What can we help you with?

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How our clients rate us

Average rating: 3,77 of 4 stars based on 62.126 counselling requests

kompetent, umfassend, eine echte Alternative zur realen Kanzlei, weil sehr schnell !
Hans-Jürgen Lankau, Hess.-Lichtenau

kompetente, schnelle und effiziente Beratung- vor allem sehr verständlich formuliert- würde ich-sofern nötig- gerne wieder in Anspruch nehmen.
Dörthe Speetzen-Schnatmann, Mülheim a.d. Ruhr

Schnell, umfassend, qualifiziert. Was will man mehr?
Klaus Diecks, Sarmstorf

Ich habe lange gezögert, mein Problem einem Rechtsanwalt zu übergeben, unter anderem aus Angst vor den entstehenden Kosten und einer grundsätzlichen Scheu, in meinem Falle den Rechtsweg zu beschreiten. Bei AnwaltOnline fühlte ich mich vom ersten Moment an gut aufgehoben und beraten. Ich habe trotz ausschließlichem online-Kontakt volles Vertrauen und bin sicher, bestmöglichst betreut zu werden. Ich fühle mich nicht anonym betreut und bin zuversichtlich, das sich die Zusammenarbeit positiv entwickeln wird. Wir haben noch ein anderes rechtliches Problem in der Familie und sind fest entschlossen auch hier Anwaltonline zu beauftragen. Ich kann Anwaltonline weiterempfehlen.
Sabine Kierblewski,Ungarn

Komme gerne Ggf. wieder auf Sie zurück. Ausgezeichnete Dienstleistung vielen Dank!
Friedrich Niessen, Much

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